Japanese Ramen Hunt in Korea [Masami]

We go to Masami to continue the Japanese Ramen Hunt for the best Ramen in Korea. As there was only one type of ramen, we tried the curry rice,...

Is Haeppy Korean? Is Xander Asian?! DNA TEST RESULTS REVEALED!

We take DNA tests to answer the age old questions, "Is Xander Asian?" and "Is Haeppy Korean?" Find out the answers in this video! Where our tests were from: https://www.ancestry.com/ We Gene https://www.wegene.com/en/ GEDMatch https://www.gedmatch.com/login1.php Since childhood,...

The Shocking Way Koreans Celebrate New Year (Korean New Year)

Is there a Korean New Year? How do Koreans celebrate New Year? What traditions do they uphold during this special time of year? Find out about the Korean New Year in...

Gangwon-do Korea Market Food: Pyeongchang Olympic Market

We travel to Pyeongchang, in Gangwon-do to visit the Pyeongchang Olympic Market otherwise known as 평창올림픽시장 to explore the market and to try the special street food that they...

Free Samples! Korea Market Food: Jeongseon Arirang Market

We travel to Jeongseon, in Gangwon-do to visit the Jeongseon Arirang Market otherwise known as 정선아리랑시장 to explore the market and to try the special street food that they...

Korea Market Street Food: Gangneung Central Market

We travel to Gangneung, in Gangwon-do to visit the Gangneung Central Market otherwise known as 강릉중앙시장 to explore the market and to try the special street food that they...

UNLIMITED Salmon, BBQ Pork Belly, & Tteokbokki?! All You Can Eat Restaurant

We try another unlimited, all you can eat restaurant called 연어에이드. You can get all the salmon, samgyeopsal (bbq pork belly), tteokbokki, mixed rice, and more + a drink for...

Southern USA Snacks for the First Time [Grits? Moon Pie?]

We try snacks from the Southern states of the USA courtesy of our wonderful supporter AimeeJ! We try things like Moon Pie, Little Debbies, Grits, Pecan Log Roll, & more! What...

All the LAMB, So Much LAMB, Delicious LAMB

We get our Lamb on, but this time in a difference style. No Skewers in sight! 라무진 http://www.ramuzin.co.kr/menu_intro.html In Ingyedong, Suwon there are multiple lamb restaurants. We mean MULTIPLE. So many in...

10 Phone Apps You Need for Korea

When you're in another country it's useful to get the phone apps that'll make your life easier. In Korea, here are the 10 we've selected that'll help you during your...
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Club Arena – Sinsa-dong, Seoul

This is hands down our favourite club in Seoul, South Korea - Club Arena or 클럽 아레나. Like most clubs, it has two main rooms....

Korean Highway Rest Stop Food 휴게소

We go on a road trip to a Korean Rest Stop area known as a 휴게소. If you ever go on a long distance trip...

CHEETOS Flavored Korean Fried Chicken?!? 치토스치킨

We try a KOREAN EXCLUSIVE - Cheetos Flavored Fried Chicken from Mexicana! 치토스치킨 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jh4dB-CrKys


Xander (a.k.a We Fancy Xander, formally known as BapMokja) was born on November 28th 1988 in Bath, England. After a DNA test in 2018,...


Haeppy (Born July 24, 1988), is a Canadian social media personality of Hong Kong descent based in South Korea. Early Life Haeppy was born in Montreal,...