Gwangnaru Drone Park, Seoul


There is only one designated area to fly your drone in Seoul, the Hangang Drone Park.

Drone laws are constantly changing and are hard to enforce. Currently flying a drone in Seoul is illegal without permission and most areas are off limits because of the density of population and buildings, but the central areas are protected because of the military installations in place.

However, if you do want somewhere to fly without the risk of breaking the law, or the hassle of getting permission then Gwangnaru Drone Park is the place for you.

It’s kind of small but currently it’s what people are forced to use.

Go to the shed type office and register yourself and the drone you are using.

Opening Times

8am – 4pm

How to get there?

Accessible from:
Amsa Station, Line 8. Exit 3.
Chenho Station, Line 5 or 8. Exit 1

Search for ‘광나루비행장’

Contact Number: