Club Arena – Sinsa-dong, Seoul


This is hands down our favourite club in Seoul, South Korea – Club Arena or 클럽 아레나.

Like most clubs, it has two main rooms. One for EDM, another for hip-hop. Which they are rooms, they are known internally as ‘zones’.
Our favourite to spend the night in is hip-hop, offering a broad range of genres from the classics from Ludacris, & Lil Jon and the Eastside Boys, to newer artists like Post Malone, TK N Cash, & Lil Pump. While most of the music is majoritively from the West, the DJs play a fair bit of Korean Hip-hop and alternative music. The aim is to get people moving and to keep dancing, and this does lead to songs being repeated multiple times throughout the night. I think the most times I’ve heard one song was 5, but that was during a 8 hour period. Hip-hop closes usually around 7am – 10am depending on how full it is and the staff working that night.
The EDM room plays exactly what you expect, electronic dance music non-stop all night. When EDM closes, the club closes and usually that’s in the early afternoon.

What to expect?

Crowds – it’s very busy. Loud music – consider ear plugs. Match making – people come here to meet someone for the night.

After entry you have the choice of which room to go in and you can move between them any time you wish. Hip-hop zone is on B1 with EDM on B2.
There are coat and bag lockers onlong the far right wall extending behind the back bar in hip hop.
EDM has a coat and bag check before the entrance of the room.

Speaking of bars, in hip-hop there are two large bars where people stand and drink and mingle. You can buy everything from cocktails to bottle sets there, however if you do buy a bottle we recommend the back bar as that’s got a better vibe. Some cocktails are under 10,000원 but it’s around that price mostly.

For the best experience at the club, a table is the recommended option. Not only will you get a lot of alcohol and mixers, you’ll get a place to hang out and dance privately, somewhere to leave your coats and belongings, and your status in the club will be higher. If you aim is to meet someone and you’re a guy, a table will help you in your journey. If you’re a girl, you don’t need a table to meet someone but if you’re with a bunch of girlfriends, it’ll be a safe place for you all to hang out.

VIP & VVIP Prices

Table sets start at 650,000원 for 2 bottles, side dishes, & mixers (1 Champagne + 1 Spirit)
A set of 3 bottles of Moet & Chandon Champagne is 800,000원

club arena vip table price

VVIP sets start at 1,800,000원 ending at 10,000,000원

club arena seoul VVIP Prices

Tables have a minimum expenditure requirement for booking. The most popular tables in EDM, Tables 4, 19, & 20 have a minimum of 3,000,000원 on Fridays and Sundays.
Thursdays and Sundays you can get the same table for slightly cheaper at 2,500,000원 minimum spend.

Like with any club in Korea, you will need ID to get in. Passports, Driving Licences, other government issued IDs should all be accepted.
If you’re not on a guest list (free entry) then entry is 20,000원

Opening Days

Every week from Thursday to Sunday. (Can be open on other days around special holidays)
Entry after 11pm. If on a guest list, try to enter before 12am – 1am.

How to get there?

The easiest way to get to Club Arena is by taxi. Ask to go to either Sinsa Station (신사역) or Lex Hotel Sinsa.
If you are taking the subway go to Sinsa Station (Line 3) and leave by Exit 3 and walk straight up about 150m, it’ll be next to a CU convenience store and Lex Hotel. If it’s open you won’t miss it.

서울특별시 강남구 논현동 18-2
18-2 Nonhyeon-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul

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