Coming up next, THAILAND 🇹🇭


What’s up guys!

We’re here just to let you know that over the next couple of weeks (or maybe longer) all uploads on the channel will be from our trip to Thailand that we had in April 2017!

We were there for around 17 days and filmed a lot of videos (but probably less than Hong Kong) Most of the videos will be content videos rather than vlogs because we weren’t really doing much apart from drinking (in clubs where we couldn’t film), eating, and filming the content videos.

We hope you enjoy the upcoming videos! We have some AMAZING special guests!

Jannine Weigel
A popular half Thai, half German singer and now video game YouTuber!

Over 5 Million subscribers, a true legend, makes parody videos, challenges, literally everything!

Pleum from VRZO
Another legend in Thailand, Pleum looked after us really well in Thailand and let us stay in his house for free so we owe him a lot! His channel is VRZO which has lots of different types of creative content!

If you only care about Korea, then sorry for the interruptions, but maybe give the Thailand content a try because there are some funny moments 😉