Is Haeppy Korean? Is Xander Asian?! DNA TEST RESULTS REVEALED!


We take DNA tests to answer the age old questions, “Is Xander Asian?” and “Is Haeppy Korean?”
Find out the answers in this video!

Where our tests were from:

We Gene


Since childhood, Xander has had comments about his eyes looking asian, often being called ‘Chinese’ by others as an attempt at bullying. Even in Korea, and online on YouTube, people mistake his race as maybe a half-Korean, half-asian, or sometimes even full Korean or Asian (can’t see how this is even possible). So it was time to take a DNA test. And what Xander does, Haeppy must also do for science and for content.

Our amazing fan, and channel moderator, AimeeJ, ordered our DNA test kits from as 23andMe wouldn’t deliver to South Korea.

After doing the kits, which involve a lot of spitting into a tube before joining it with a special fluid, we mailed them off and began the long wait. A 6 week wait.

Xander‘s father is quite into the whole family tree and ancestry thing so he was already on the website and had put in extensive time into building Xander‘s past. Due to knowing his fathers and mothers history, the DNa results shouldn’t of been a surprise, and they weren’t.

Haeppy‘s results were less detailed and there less exciting. Xander did some research and found a website that deals better with Asian genes, WeGene. The results for Haeppy are way more interesting but for Xander they are pretty odd which leads us to believe that for anyone other than Asians it’s best to take the results with a pinch of salt.

You can find the detailed results in the video above.

More Tools

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