HK VLOG 2 – Stay HERE if you come to Hong Kong!


We start our stay at the Ovolo Southside Hotel, we arrive just in time for the start of happy hour – what excellent news!

Happy hour is everyday from 5pm – 7pm and allows guests of the hotel unlimited snacks, beer, & wine in the lounge area. Xander was a big fan of this. We had to meet the manager to discuss what videos we were going to film inside the hotel in-exchange for our two free rooms for two nights!

We enjoyed a small bit to eat in the hotel restaurant, Cirqle, they gave us a Miso Black Cod taco and a Chicken Karaage Slider.
Although they were delicious we were still hungry (probably because of all the beer & wine) so we headed outside the hotel.

Ovolo Southside Hotel is located in Wong Chuk Hang, and in Wong Chuk Hang is a Pizza Express. I hadn’t seen a Pizza Express since living in London and missed it’s dough balls terribly, so managed Haeppy to let me go in.

And it was just as I remembered! But Hong Kong’s Pizza Express seems to give you extra dips/sides. It also seems like Pizza Express hasn’t changed their menu that much in 4 years, what a relief 😉

The next day we filmed our cocktail video at the rooftop bar, ABOVE, and also the Drunk Inspire 2 Unboxing video. After all that drinking we thought about going out to do some partying but we were both pretty tired and so headed to bed. Still haven’t seen much of Hong Kong yet! 🙁