Japanese Ramen Hunt in Korea [Masami]


We go to Masami to continue the Japanese Ramen Hunt for the best Ramen in Korea. As there was only one type of ramen, we tried the curry rice, the katsudon, and the chicken karaage.

Masami address:
서울시 마포구 서교동 408-31

As it’s January in Korea, it’s not unlikely to see snow while out and about. Today was a particularly chilly day, and the snow made it feel even colder. We’d just shot with Megan, her part of the Paqui One Chip challenge, and as we were in the area, we stopped off in Hongdae on the way home to film another video.

Our plan was actually to go to the Block Burger restaurant and try the food there as several people on instagram have asked us to check it out. However when we got there it was so small, plus the loud music playing in the background, we decided that we’d go back to near where the car was parked and check out the ramen shop we saw the last time we were in the area when we filmed at the salmon, pork belly bbq, & tteokboki shop, 연어에이드.

Masami is in the real south of Hongdae, inbetween Hapjeong and Sangu station areas. It wasn’t hard to find and luckily it wasn’t busy and the music wasn’t too loud. (Actually in the edit it was too loud 🙁 )

The food was good. The ramen wasn’t what we expected but Xander really enjoyed it. The best was the curry by far. Xander would go back again.

Korean Lesson Time

Ni-Ggu Ra-Men
Meat Ramen


카레라이스 (돈까스)
Ka-Re-Ra-I-Seu (Don-Gga-Seu)
Curry Rice with Tonkatsu

Chicken Karaage

The Best