Korean Krispy Kreme Doughnuts


We show you a Krispy Kreme doughnut restaurant in Korea!
This location is open 24hrs and even does delivery (not 24hr though)

We try an assorted flavours dozen box set and give our thoughts on our favourites.
If you’ve had Krispy Kreme in Korea or anywhere else, which one is your favourite?

Korean Lesson Time

오리지널 글레즈드
Original Glazed

슈가 코티드
Sugar Coated

초콜릿 아이스드 글레이즈
Chocolate Iced Glaze


파우더 스트로베리 필드
Strawberry-filled Powdered Donut

글레이즈드 초콜릿케익
Glazed Chocolate Cake

글레이즈드 사워크림
Glazed Sour Cream

카라멜 아이스드
Caramel Iced

Peanut Cream Bread

뉴욕 치즈케익
New York Cheesecake

로투스 비스코프 도넛
Lotus Biscoff Donut

너티 코코아 링
Nutty Cocoa Ring