All the LAMB, So Much LAMB, Delicious LAMB


We get our Lamb on, but this time in a difference style. No Skewers in sight!


In Ingyedong, Suwon there are multiple lamb restaurants. We mean MULTIPLE. So many in fact it’s kinda of a wonder how they all can survive so close together.
While most of the lamb restaurants are the Chinese skewer style restaurants, we found one which was a little different, 라무진.

It was great. Xander doesn’t eat a lot of lamb, it was a real experience compared to the standard Chinese skewers. The restaurant was nice decorated and if it was a date, it would be quite a nice way to spend the evening with your partner. Have your own chef prepare, cook, and serve your meal while you can enjoy a nice chat together.

This experience doesn’t come cheap though, with the amount of food to price ratio a little on the pricey side. For the amount of money spent on the food we ordered, we could of have unlimited beef and pork at many other restaurants even in Seoul.

If you don’t mind spending a little bit more to enjoy higher quality food, then this place would be good for you. It’s also a chain so there are multiple locations available to spend all that money. And who skimps out on a date anyway? This would surely be a great way to impress someone who enjoys meat and being taken care of. But, if you do want to skimp and still want to eat lamb, just go to the standard Chinese skewer restaurant 😉

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