Xander (a.k.a We Fancy Xander, formally known as BapMokja) was born on November 28th 1988 in Bath, England. After a DNA test in 2018, we know that Xander is 92% British and a varied mix of other European blood for the remaining 8%.


He continued to live in the South West of England in Trowbridge, Wiltshire until he was 18 years old and moved to London to attend the University of Greenwich.
From the age of 15 he got interested in video cameras and video editing, so unsurprisingly, after taking Media Studies at A Level, he decided to study BSc Film & Television Production.

After finishing University he took a job at internationally known Visual Effects house MPC (The Moving Picture Company). Starting as a runner, and only running for five and a half months, he moved into the FX Studio and worked as a Motion Graphics and VFX Artist using primarily Adobe After Effects. He would continue to work there for two and a half years and work with clients like Ferrero Rocher, Lexus, DHL, BBC, Ladbrokes, and many more.

Leaving England

What spurred him to quit his job? A two-week trip to South Korea with his friend Will. This trip changed his life, showing him a literal other side of the world. Bright neon lights, a never ending nightlife, cheap food and alcohol, and a freedom not felt at any point in the UK. Korea was the place he had to live. And so, after a second shorter trip for New Years Eve 2012-2013, he decided to tell his boss and friend that it was time for him to go.

The easiest way to move to Korea was to be an English teacher. Applications were filled, interviews were passed, and luckily Xander got placed in his prefered city – Seoul.

In research for his upcoming lifechanging move to Korea, a slew of research brought him to discover YouTubers in Korea. Having a history of loving to make videos, and all the professional knowledge gained working at MPC and various production running gigs, it was inevitable that Xander would think – why not me too?

And so he made a YouTube channel named BapMokja.

Why BapMokja?

Back in England, not many people know (or knew) about South Korea. They’ll know about North Korea, and would/will confuse the two constantly. “Are you going to the bad one or the good one?” they would ask. Well with ignorance of geographical location and familiarity comes lack of knowledge about cuisine. While everyone knows about Japan and sushi, people seldom know about kimchi, soju, & korean bbq. If you ask a British person what Koreans eat, they may say they eat dog. Xander didn’t like this and wanted to change it.
With a language exchange friend he started bapmokja.com (now unavailable) which was a restaurant review website, which started with Korean only establishments and expanded to all things in London and Seoul. ‘BapMokja’ or ‘밥먹자’ means ‘Let’s Eat’.

After starting the YouTube channel and moving to Korea, ‘BapMokja’ quickly became Xander’s online alias.

Korean Life

Xander moved to Korea in August 2013 and was a teacher for a year and a half before leaving to pursue YouTube as a full-time endeavour. During that time he had made several vlogs about his experience teaching, trips to Thailand, and Japan, and also started doing K-Pop reactions with Haeppy. The BapMokja channel was growing larger and so it was time to change the name to ‘BapMokja & Haeppy’.

Xander lived in several different places. Jegi-dong in Seoul, Hongdae in Seoul, Yeoksam in Seoul, and now currently Suwon in Gyeonggi-do. He’s been in Korea for over 4 years.

After ending Kpop Reactions and the series ‘twoplustwo’ had ended after a year run time and 99 episodes, the channel name changed to ‘We Fancy’ and Xander changed his alias from ‘BapMokja’ to a shorter version of his real name ‘Xander’.

For time to time, he does production work. Some videos that he’s proud of are: Two advertisements for recruiting company Korvia #1 & #2, and a video for Korean Unnie promoting some attractions in Seoul.

Trivia & Misc Facts


Xander was an extra in several KPOP MVs over the years. Most notably AOA’s Heart Attack 심궁해 where he played the referee, a student, and a banana squeezing man. Other MVs include, Super Junior’s Devil, KIM TAE WOO(김태우) – Lonely Funk, and B.A.P – Young, Wild & Free.

Food Likes & Dislikes

He likes meat – Steak, pork belly, chicken, lamb – all good as long as it’s boneless (or easily deboned)
Salmon, Eel, and Tuna are his favourite sushi toppings. He doesn’t like wasabi.
Loves chocolate and icecream. Especially green tea icecream.

He avoids disgusting foods like intestines, brains, heart, liver, and other innards.
Cilantro is a big no-no. Same with rocket and anything with that nasal sensation.
Doesn’t like fish with bones, shellfish, anything that comes with bones that are hard to remove.

Loves alcohol like whiskey, beer, red wine.
Doesn’t like to do shots of anything that’s too strong (aka tequila, whiskey, sambuca)
He likes to sip his drinks or drink quickly but at his own pace.


Xander has 9 tattoos. His name on his left hand. Alpha and Omega on his wrists. A Swallow on his right hand. An Elephant on his right forearm. VIII (8 – his lucky number) on his right shoulder. Wings on each ankle. And a full arm sleeve which spreads to his left chest of a tiger and a dragon.

Driving & Cars

Xander loves to drive and has done so from the age of 17. He also owns a full motorcycle licence in the UK and used to have a Suzuki Bandit 600.
He’s never owned a new car, and would love to one day.

Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/wefancyxander
Twitter : https://www.twitter.com/wefancyxander
Personal YouTube : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCwC1lYZA90uJxZWyu4vJIiw