The Shocking Way Koreans Celebrate New Year (Korean New Year)


Is there a Korean New Year? How do Koreans celebrate New Year?
What traditions do they uphold during this special time of year?
Find out about the Korean New Year in this video!

The ending of a year and the start of a new one is something that is celebrated around the world. This takes place on the evening of December 31st at midnight and the start of January 1st. Us in the west are very used to this and as we’re also used to watching the multitude of glamorous and extravagant firework displays going off around the world, it’s easy to assume everyone celebrates the New Year as we do.

Well in South Korea, while they do celebrate the ‘New Year’, their actual Korean new year celebrations come later on because their traditions are based on the Lunar calendar. Their celebration is called ‘Seollal’ or 설날. We’ll make a video about the Korean New Year when that time of year comes around.

What do Koreans do?

Spend time with family, eat cake, watch the first sunrise, go clubbing, spend time with friends, go to festivals, watch the fireworks, listen to the bell strike in Jongno.

Korean Age

One thing that does happen now is the increase in age for the population. If you know what Korean Age is, then you know that on January 1st 00:00, everyone ‘gets older’. Everyone still celebrates their birthdays as normal, but as far the government is concerned, your legal age increases at the strike of New Year.

To work out your Korean Age, answer these questions:
Has your birthday happened this year?
If Yes – add 1 year to your current Western age.
If No – add 2 years to your current Western age.

Simple, huh?

Btw, don’t listen to Haeppy‘s story of the Korean New Year, that was all made up. Just a little joke to see how many people were paying attention.