VLOG 2 – Seoul Clubbing with Vagabrothers


We go back to Euljiro 3(sam)-ga (을지로 3-가) to pick up the finished bracket and to find some rubber lining to hold and protect the camera from the metal of the bracket itself. Xander was a bit hungover because he ended up staying out too late with some friends at OMG Lounge in Apgjujeong Rodeo.

Traffic in Seoul, especially in the morning and evening rush hours, can get pretty bad. Factor in an impossibly horrible road layout and you get a Road Rage Cocktail. Most drivers rely on sat-nav to get where they want to go. Xander prefers to try and learn the road layouts so if, for whatever reason, there was no sat-nav, he could make his way to any of the spots we go to frequently. He’s freakishly good at it too…

Xander wants to make a video about some of the worst examples of road layouts and planning in Korea. It might be quite a bit project though.

As it was already early evening at this point and the sun was setting, Haeppy met up with Miss China International 2016, Winnie Song, for dinner at an all-you-can-eat shabu shabu restaurant called Lettuce Shabu Shabu (or Let Us Shabu Shabu), in Gangnam.

We ended the night by partying with the Vagabrothers at the club/bar lounge The View located at Sinsa station, exit 6. The View opens early at 9:30pm and is busiest from 11pm to 2am. It’s a great place to start the night out if you plan on going out in the Gangnam area and if you plan on going to any of the after clubs in the area like Club Arena, which is also at Sinsa station. Check out reviews for both clubs on We Fancy Guide; just click on the names!