VLOG 3 – Cutest Cafe Worker Ever?


Ever wondered what a gas station looks like in Korea? Well today’s your lucky day. This ‘self-serve’ pumping station is actually a bit rare as most of them are “full-service” so you don’t even have to get out of the car.

After filling up, we headed over to Sinsa-dong to get our hair cut at our salon, La Bella, by our Master Stylist friend, Taki.

We got there a bit early, and since we hadn’t eaten any breakfast, we tried a sandwich shop nearby. Working in the shop was a beautiful girl called Sangeun (상은). She was super cute and helped us choose two flavors of toasted sandwiches. Xander got a heart drawn on his honey-style toasted sandwich. Cha-ching!

We’ve been trusting Taki to cut our hair for nearly a year now. He styled us for KCON LA 2016 and gave us some super sharp hair styles for the event! Haeppy had to get a lot of bleaching done to get his hair done as white as possible.

Haeppy met his brother, Juun, for some budaejigae (부대찌개) and then met up with Xander again to head over to the hat manufacturing shop.

We had given the hat shop a sample image and some patterns a few weeks before and had been waiting for a sample hat to be made since then. When we arrived at the hat shop, we found out our pattern wasn’t as good as we had hoped. It was impossible to print onto leather without some sort of custom material. We compromised by scrapping the pattern idea completely and changing the brim material to a super soft leather. Since this was now a completely custom build, we had to wait more time to get a sample hat made to test out the logo size and placement.

At the end of Vlog 2, Winnie (Miss China International 2016) ended up dropping our camera and shattering our Sony f2.8 24-70 GM lens. We had to take it into a Sony repair centre and luckily there was one located in Sinsa-dong!