VLOG 4 – Megan (ChoNunMigookSaram) Skin Bleaching?!


If you don’t know who Megan Bowen aka ChoNunMiGookSaram is, then you either have no interest in Korea or you’ve been living under a rock. She is currently the largest YouTuber in Korea that makes content in English for non-Koreans. She’s been in Korea for many many years and has grown from an English teacher into a successful business woman who is fluent in Korean.

We’ve been friends with Megan for a while but have never collaborated with her properly for a video. This year it will happen. In this vlog, we visit Megan‘s house in a secret location to start planning and prepping for the awesome collaboration video!

Megan has a ragdoll cat, called Bangwool (방울), who we were surprised to see had taken up a habit of sleeping in a stove pot on top of Megan‘s cooker. We played with a Star Wars X-Wing drone, talked about her skin bleaching accusations, and got a short tour of her apartment. It’s not massive, but it’s very modern and includes a bathtub, which is quite rare in Korea. Most apartments have a wetroom style shower and toilet combination room at the minimum and larger places have a partition or separate shower cubicle.

While we were working we ordered some food via a phone app. We will be making a video and writing an article about how you can do this too if you live in Korea! After eating, we continued to work on the collaboration project.

The collaboration is currently a secret but it involves KPOP, and some funny situations. Look forward to it!