VLOG 5 – Why We Changed Our Name


I head over to Cheongdam to Prof. Brohaus‘ house to complete the custom screen holder for the A7S II and Ikan VL35.
If you like cats, then you have something in common with Prof. Brohaus as he has three of them! Bic, Reno, & Jax!

Prof. Brohaus, does some drilling for the camera mount to go and another hole for the screwthread of the screen to be placed through. After that he cuts the rubber holding and then glues it using a hot glue gun. And the creation is complete!

After meeting with Haeppy we then head back to the hat company in Sindang-dong to see a completed first draft of the We Fancy Hat. On first viewing the logo looked a little too small even though it was embroidered at 6cm high. Mr. Hat said he could try one more time but this time at 7cm heigh. this is a more pleasing size so we ask for another sample to be made.

In the evening, we head to OMG Lounge in Apgujeong Rodeo for some drinks with Prof. Brohaus and Haeppy‘s brother Juun.
This is we explain why we changed our name.

The channel was originally called BapMokja after my original website bapmokja.com which was a bar, club, & restaurant review website for London and Seoul. It became my online identity name after that and I made videos under that name for a few months. In May 2014, Haeppy and I made our first video together and then we started Smashed Reactions. If you want to know a more detailed story of the origins I’ll put it here soon.

Just before starting ‘twoplustwo’ the channel name was changed from ‘ BapMokja’ to ‘BapMokja and Haeppy’ and now we’re changing it to ‘We Fancy’ after the most recognised phrase we’ve said on the channel in our most watched video theKorean Convenience Store Gourmet Food Challenge

It also works better for an international audience because people had trouble remembering and pronouncing ‘BapMokja’. Xander is a much easier name to pronounce as it’s a very common name from Alexander.

And that’s why we changed our name!