VLOG 6 – World Tour Announcement and Patreon Supporters THANK YOU!


Drones are gonna be a big part of our World Tour so it’s time to familiarise Haeppy with the controls of a drone.
Xander got the Phantom 2 back in 2013 and used it a few times before it fell out of the sky one day and the gimbal was forever damaged and was plagued by a ferocious shaking making filming with the Phantom 2 a pointless endeavour. Although I think in the future I might use it for some funny videos and maybe some experiments!

Flying a drone nowadays isn’t that hard because of all the safety features and special equipment on board that helps it know where it is visually and via GPS. The Phantom 2 only has GPS so is lacking in the fancy features that stop it from flying into things or flying into the ground. Haeppy did a good job on his first flight even though it was windy and very very cold. Not ideal conditions.

We had to fly at the Hangang Drone Park, which is the only place you are really allowed to fly without permission in Seoul.

After our successful first flight, we headed to Nonhyeon-dong to try Aloha Poke as we had been craving Poke since coming back from San Francisco.
It was ok but didn’t really satisfy as it did the first time we had it.

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Haeppy explains our World Tour plans. Starting in Hong Kong, then heading to Thailand for Songkran. Later we’ll be heading to Japan, Indonesia, Taiwan, and other places in Asia first. 2018 will bring some more countries in Asia and possibly the start of the Europe leg of the tour. After that, we may spend a whole year in the USA doing a week in every state. But let’s see how we go!