VLOG 7 – Korean Drinking Games and We Fancy Hat is READY?!


We’ve come back from Hong Kong and we head out to meet our friend AshleyMarie at OMG Lounge for some soju!

Drinking games are popular in every country so there’s no surprise that Korea has a bunch of them. One simple game is the soju cap game.

Soju Cap Game Rules

Part I
After opening a bottle of soju, put some tissue inside the cap to hide the number that’s printed inside (you’ll need that for later)
Twist the metal thread that was once keeping the seal on the bottle. Twist it quite tight!
Next pass the cap round in a circle and each person gets one attempt to flick the metal thread off the cap.
The winner is the person who successfully flicks off the thread. They keep the cap for the next stage. The people on the left and right of the winner take a shot of soju.

Part II
The winner now pulls the tissue out of the cap to reveal the number. Which is 1 – 50 (because theres 50 bottles in a case of soju)
The game continues round in a circle and the other playes have to guess the number.
The person with the cap says ‘Up/Higher’ or ‘Down/Lower’ depending on what the other players guess.
If the number is guessed within 5 guesses, the person with the cap has to take a shot.
If the number is guessed after 6 guesses then whoever guesses the correct number has to take a drink.

Easiest way to win the game is to pick the middle number everytime.
Example: First guessย 0-50 (25), if it’s lower (0-25) guess 13, if it’s lower again (0-13), guess 7… You get the picture?!

Next we show some of Seoul Fashion Week at Dongdaemun Design Plaza, we originally were going to a fashion show but ended up going a day earlier ๐Ÿ™ and the next day Haeppy was ill so we didn’t get to go to the show at all. We did meet our friends Kryskhloe, and Asian Boss owners Steve & Kei.
We had a Korean buffet with with at ํ’€์ž…์ฑ„ in Dongdaemun.

We head over to the hat company in Sindang-dong again to see our leather brimmed sample hat get embroidered. We actually found an even softer leather sample to use so the hats are now being produced and should be shipping from the end of May!
If you want to order a We Fancy Hat head over to wefancy.store